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Our Health and our Planet both need the same things.

Planet Ally is a platform that is focused on the creation of sustainable food production in order to support both human and planetary health.

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Plant-based for the Planet

We are aware of the impact that food production has on the climate crisis. Up to 40% of ozone-depleting emissions come from livestock farming.

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For your Health

Plant-based foods are a healty alternative to animal-derived foods.

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For a Sustainable Lifestyle

Since 1997 we have been working to rewild and manage 7 ecological sites in the Czech Republic. We believe that organic food production has a positive impact on sustainability.

We research and create

We create affordable plant-based alternatives to animal-derived foods.

Vegan food
makes sense

Meaningful, plant-based foods. What do we produce?


Planet Ally is a platform that is focused on the creation of sustainable food production in order to support both human and planetary health. Planet Ally was created by combining our 27 years of food know-how and technological innovation with our 25 years of experience caring for nature on a local and global scale.

We look for, and offer, alternatives to animal-derived proteins. We are against the use of palm oil. Why?

  • The planet is warming, up to 40% of ozone-depleting emissions come from livestock farming
  • Up to 70% of the world’s agricultural land is used for cattle feed, which is unsustainable for both humanity and the planet.
  • It has been scientifically proven that a plant-based diet helps to maintain one’s health

We want to make plant-based foods available to everyone. Our focus is on foods that have a high protein content. Why?

  • Without protein, the human body cannot thrive. It is possible to replace animal proteins with plant proteins. However, not all “substitutes” are suitable for the human body
  • We are working to spread awareness, and dispel myths. We have created our own 10 commandments for nutrition
  • We have prepared a special range of sense – fully vegan food that is good for people and gentle FOR the Planet

We care about biodiversity. We believe in organic. Why?

  • Biodiversity is essential to maintain a functioning ecosystem. Polluting our soil with chemicals, and other environmentaly destructive activities, destroys the diveristy our ecosystems need to thrive, which leads to ecosystem collapse
  • Using our resources, we manage 82 hectares of land in seven locations. Each location is significant for different reasons. We manage wetlands, grasslands, and mixed sites
  • We are drawing attention to the long-term effects of the accumulation of the chemical substances in food on human health. We are working to improve the image of organic food in order to make it available to everyone



    High in protein

    Sprouted Bean Flours

    Nutritionally Balanced

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