Our New Product Line Planet Ally Was Born Fom Our Convictions

04. 01. 2023

Semix Pluso, which has been active in environmental protection, and healthy eating education, since its founding, is launching a new…

Biodiversity and sustainability. We Must Do Our Part to Protect Nature

03. 01. 2023

In recent years, the Czech landscape has undergone a dramatic, negative change. Environmentally valuable sites are being destroyed, causing a…

Planet Ally Products Were Made to Help the Planet

16. 05. 2023

Semix Pluso has been very active in sustainability, and in educating its customers about healthy food, since its inception. Semix…

Why you should choose “CIRCULAR” clothing?

08. 12. 2022

The textile industry places a heavy burden on our planet. Globally, it is responsible for 20% of water pollution, and…

Six reasons to eat more legumes

08. 12. 2022

Legumes are highly rated for their nutritional value. They can also reduce food waste, as the pulses can be dried…

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