Planet Ally is a platform that is focused on the creation of sustainable food production in order to support both human and planetary health. Planet Ally was created by combining our 27 years of food know-how and technological innovation with our 25 years of experience caring for nature on a local and global scale.

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    Plant-based for the Planet

    We are aware of the impact that food production has on the climate crisis. Up to 40% of ozone-depleting emissions come from livestock farming.

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    For your Health

    Plant-based foods are a healthier alternative to animal-derived food products.

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    For a Sustainable Lifestyle

    We have 25 years of experience caring for the Czech environment. We believe that organic food production has a major impact on sustainability.

Global dimesion

Modern agriculture for food production has a significant impact on the global climate. Meat production has the greatest impact, with 40% of emissions being caused by cattle breeding, while over 70% of agricultural land is used for growing feed for cattle.

We believe in organic

The impact of chemical substances on nature and human health is devastating.

Planet ALLY

We are looking for alternatives to animal-derived proteins. We are against palm oil.

Personal dimension

Our food Commandments are a simple guide to what we should be eating for optimal health.


Since 1997 we have rewilded 82 hectares of land in the Czech Republic.

Plant-based for Health

Animal-derived proteins cause faster aging, and have been connected to diseases in modern civilisation.

Myths and Facts

What can legumes do for you? Which essential amino acids should you include in your food? Why are we using sprouted legumes?

Learn more about what you’re eating

Which foods can be replaced with plant-based alternatives, and what replacements will not be beneficial to our bodies.


Through managing and using the land around us, we are irreversibly changing the Czech flora and fauna. What can we do?

to healthy food

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Suitable Type of Food Unsuitable
Predominantly unsaturated fats
Nutritional values
Predominately saturated fats
Without added sugars, or low in added sugars
Nutritional values
High in added sugars
High in fibre
Nutritional values
Low in fibre
Uses raw ingredients, or minimally processed ingredients
Degree of processing
Highly processed foods
Organic farming and production
Chemical presence
Type of Agriculture
Conventional farming and processing
Glass, paper
Type of packaging
Organic polymers
Has a short shelf-life
Expiration Date
Has a long shelf-life
Whole grain
Cereals, pseudocereals
Only the starchy part of the cereal
Gluten from oats, rye or spelt
Type of cereal protein, gluten
Gluten from wheat
Eating whole fruits and vegetables
The origin of vitamins and minerals
Eating fortified products
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Do you want to know more
about what we do and why?

We are looking for, and providing alternatives to, animal-derived protein. We are also against palm oil and palm fat. Read more about why.