Planet Ally Products Were Made to Help the Planet

16. 05. 2023

Sustainability and biodiversity

Semix Pluso has been very active in sustainability, and in educating its customers about healthy food, since its inception. Semix has now decided to create an entire product line dedicated to the planet. "We are well aware of the impact of the food and agricultural sectors on the climate crisis. The new product line Planet Ally contains vegan products that offer a high-quality plant-based alternative to animal-derived proteins," said Semix owner Kamil Lisal.

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The idea behind Planet Ally was the vision of Semix owner Kamil Lisal. The Planet Ally concept combines both his food know-how, and his desire to help nature, which he has cared for his entire life.

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Planet Ally products have been created using the knowledge and experience that Semix Pluso has gained over the last 27 years. It offers customers multiple products based on four varients that use sprouted legumes. Customers can look forward to a vegan burger that uses sprouted mung beans, vegan meatballs, vegan Čevapčiči, or vegan mince. “All products in this range meet the basic requirements [for healthy, sustainable, vegan products], such as plant origin, nutritional balance, a low carbon footprint, and restrictions on additvies. We believe a plant-based diet is the way that everyone can care for nature and their own health,” explained Lisal. The new products are part of Semix’s environmentally sustainble approach to business, accounting for everything from the food to the packaging it comes in.

The Planet Ally concept was first presented at the Plant-Powered Perspectives Conference in the Czech Republic. The conference is focused on the trends in plant-based cuisine. “The plant-based sector is one of the fastest growing types of food, which in 2019 saw a double-digit increase, and it’s expected that this trend will continue. According to available data, it is estimated that by 2024 industry revenue will reach $80 billion. Through Planet Ally we want to reduce our contribution to climate change. We can do our part by reducing the amount of meat from our diet a few days a week by choosing plant-based alternatives. With this simple step we can help our planet significantly,” added Monika Vokřinková, manager of the Planet Ally project. Semix sees focusing on eating plant-based alternatives as a positive step for the planet, sustainability, and people’s health. By limiting the breeding of livestock, which is linked to methane emissions, the weakening of the ozone layer, and increases in the greenhouse effect, humanity can improve the existing environmental situation on a global scale. By limiting livestock there would also be a reduction in the amount of agricultural land needed for growing feed for those animals. Currently, approximately 71% of agricultural land is used for growing livestock feed. Semix is also convinced that there are health benefits to eating vegan food. It has been shown that animal-derived proteins cause faster cell aging and are directly connected to some modern diseases. Eating plant-based alternatives also provides dietary variety, valuable nutrients, and fibre. Additionally, an environmentally sustainable approach takes into account protecting the environment through the preservation of biodiversity, via the reduction of chemical use, and environmentally destructive economic activities.

The Opava based company Semix Pluso, is a leader in the production of breakfast cereals, bakery mixes, and other healthy food products. It started its pioneering journey in 2002, when it was the first company in the Czech market to start producing whole grain cereals. From the very beginning, it has focused on its own development and innovation, which has in turn lead to the creation of an entire division devoted to sprouted legumes and cereals. Semix Pluso exports to 35 countries including Israel, Japan, and South Korea. It was the intention to produce tasty products that had numerous health benefits, and contained little sugar, and did not use hardened fats or palm oil, that paved the way for the company. Semix’s products are enjoyed by customers in Germany, Austria, and Scandinavia. There is a strong ecological component to everything that Semix does. In addition to creating tasty vegan food, Semix oversees 7 sites encompassing 82 hectares in the Moravian-Silesian, Olomouc, and Zlin regions. The company’s largest ecological initiative, the Kozmické ptačí louky (Kozmice Bird Meadow), has broader European significance.

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Semix Pluso has been very active in sustainability, and in educating its customers about healthy food, since its inception. Semix...